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  • Shenhua Import and Export, the main products: special cable, instrumentation, plush toysTel:86-550-7855028,86-550-7855026
    Address:JingBa Road, economic development zone, tianchang, anhui province
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    [2018-10-16]What advantages do environmental cables compare to other traditional cables?

    What advantages do environmental cables compare to other traditional cables? The environmental prote……[Know More]

    [2018-10-16]Features and advantages of K type thermocouple

    Characteristics of K type thermocouple The thermocouple detector is one of the most commonly used t……[Know More]

    [2018-10-16]Cable outlet matters needing attention

    With the rapid development of market economy and the deepening of economic reform, the competition i……[Know More]

    [2018-10-16]Shenhua cable exports a number of cables to Iran

    Tianchang Shenhua Import and Export Trading Co., Ltd. and Tianchang Shenhua Toy Factory is a branch ……[Know More]

    [2018-10-16]Common malfunction analysis of YBF series stainless steel pressure gauge

    Use of stainless steel pressure gauge Stainless steel pressure gauges are widely used in petroleum,……[Know More]

    [2018-10-16]Conditions for application for export rebates for export of enterprises

    The scope of export tax rebates The products exported by our country, which belong to the products ……[Know More]

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